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MAY 5, 2020

12:00 AM PST

TMI was created out of necessity based on the sole purpose to help. With the mask shortage being global, we have been hearing stories of first responder’s having to go in with NO MASK, BANDANAS or MASK with multiple days use. 

TMI has found way to bring you a reusable mask with a filtration system from supplies readily available at your local hardware and home stores. We have supplied each mask with 7 days worth of filtering material, 2 pieces of elastic and instruction for reuse. Medical Sterilization Mat Material or Filters are made from HEPA grade certified 3M filters 1500-2800 Grade Medical Sterilization Mat Material. Which protect from Bacteria and Virus’. All of which are readily available at your local stores, medical store, hospital or online.  

Filter Application: Take ONE or TWO piece(s) of Filter Material. (If you have squares you will need TWO pieces. If you have rectangles you will need ONE). Then place the two pieces or folded filter piece on top of the filter insert and then PUSH through the inside of the mask. The outside will then show a big colored square and your filter is set. NOTE: If your filter insert is visible from the outside then you did it wrong. 

Cleaning and Sterilize for Reuse: REMOVE older Filter material and discard. Wash Mask and Filter Insert with WARM water (Hot water will warp the mask) and antibacterial soap. You can then DISINFECT with by spraying Hydrogen Peroxide (Alcohol is too corrosive) and then place in UV-C machine (not necessary if you used Hydrogen Peroxide, but a great option you have the UV-C at your disposal. 


LIABILITY NOTICE: TMI is in no way stating that this mask is better or as capable as the N95 mask or medically graded. However this mask will help when there are no masks available and with its reusable capabilities offers a great and safe option for first responders in this global Covid-19 Crisis. If you choose to forgo our filtering material and using your own, that is totally fine as well.


PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS MASK IS MADE BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF AVAILABILITY OF MASKS. THIS MASK IS NOT TO REPLACE OR STATE THAT IT IS BETTER OR AS CAPABLE AS A MEDICAL MASK. THESE MASKS ARE NOT CERTIFIED BY ANY MEDICAL OR GOVERNING BODY. We feel we have created a suitable and effective option for first responders that have no options available to them. We have done this for the love of Humankind. 


Enjoy your mask, be safe, and